It was unbearably hot underneath the 30 plus pounds of equipment carried.  I left the sweet air of America and became chained in a foreign place that smelled like my local garbage dump.  Of course, saying this place smelled like a garbage dump was an insult to garbage dumps.  This part of the country was... Continue Reading →

Twitter Vignette: Paradox

March was my first venture into creating a serial vignette story on Twitter. I enjoyed the challenge of it so much that I decided to write one more for April. The result was a sometimes wacky, sometimes serious science fiction piece titled Paradox. The story follows the adventures of Captian Franklin Hal and Commander Sevranta... Continue Reading →


The absolute best thing about a writing community is the support you get from other writers. You quickly realize that you are not the only one struggling to write anything. Writer's block happens to everyone, grammar errors are common, chaos ensues when your desert raiders accidentally become dessert raiders and the local FroYo will never... Continue Reading →

A Source of Inspiration

I often get asked by family and friends, "Why do you write so many flash / micro stories? Don't writers write books, novels, articles, blah, blah, blah...?" It's true I have been a fiend lately for all things flash. I even have recently had my first story published here. Truth be told, it has reinvigorated me.... Continue Reading →

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