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2017 Archive

Wanted Dead or Alive A short sci-fi story about a space cowboy and a woman named Rebekah. (published 12/1/2017)

Never Fly In The Rain Be careful falling asleep on a plane. You never know what will happen. (published 12/15/2017)

2018 Archive

Hero by Default The last thing Paulie wanted was to be a hero. Sometimes you cannot escape fate. (published 1/5/2018)

The Gamble What chance would you take to be with the person of your dreams? (published 1/16/2018)

Dead Wrong A deadly game takes a turn for the worst. (published 1/28/2018)

Love for Sale Phil is at a charity auction when he runs into his ex-girlfriend. (published 2/2/2018)

The Trouble With Royalty A fairy tale about a gardener stuck in a frozen wasteland. (published 2/9/2018)

The Value of Friends A burn victim and a painter bond over tragedy. (published 2/11/2018)

Ground Zeroes Skylar is trapped on an island where the dead have come to life. (published 2/16/2018)

It’s…All…My…Fault… Chris is a writer hunting down an urban legend in the town of Blythe Louisiana. (published 2/18/2018)

Untitled A father impacts his children in ways unexpected. (published 2/18/2018)

Everyone Makes Their Own Choice A military tale about an Airborne Ranger (published 2/22/2018)

The Nobel Hero A train ride with a war hero who wanted to change the world. (published 2/23/2018)

Flesh of My Flesh Science is a wonderful tool… for creating new viruses. (published 2/25/2018)

Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble A scientist’s invention helps to create pictures from our minds. (published 3/1/2018)

Shadows From Beyond Planet X Evander Grimm runs into trouble on a space station and finds a mysterious portal. (published 3/2/2018)

Necessary Life A short tale about a killer that wakes up confused in a field. (published 3/4/2018)

The Journey An ocean of regret and parted lovers. (published 03/08/2018)

So Close, So Far Jean Claude Baux discovers the resting place of an ancient artifact to help him kill the vampire Emperor le Marche. (published 03/9/2018)

Project Redentore Sophie LaRoux is hired for assassination in Venice. (published 3/16/2018)

Bump in the Night Officer Vincent Rolo makes a gruesome discovery in a prison cell (published 3/30/2018).

The Tale of Fear Itself What scares the bogeyman? You could ask him if he wasn’t dead. (published 4/1/2018)

All Who Wander Are Not Lost A stranger visits a foreign realm, chaos ensues. (published 4/13/2018)

Of Love and Limericks (Less Is More) Love and music travel across continents (published 4/20/2018)

Minstrel Cramps A musician plays for 10 hours straight. How much longer can he last? (published 4/27/2018)

Friend of Invention Clem has a breakthrough on his invention and cannot wait to share the news. (published 5/4/2018)

The Feeding A vampire is struck with a pang of hunger that cannot be fulfilled. (published 5/6/2018)

Good Plan, Bad Timing Rex attempts a daring rescue on a steamer. (published 5/11/2018)

By No Means an Expert Non-fiction article about using Twitter as a new author. (published 5/18/18)

A Night Between Worlds A security guard finds himself in a new profession. (published 5/18/18)

Micro-Stories: Volume 1 A collection of micro-stories for Wattpad. (Published 5/19/2018)

Micro-Stories: Volume 2 A collection of micro-stories for Wattpad. (Published 6/01/2018

One More Day Vex wakes up alone on a ship. Will he find his way home? Will he discover what happened to everyone on the ship? (published 6/10/2018)

This Is Not My Life, This Is Not My Home… A poem about an ordinary person on a battlefield. (published 6/15/2018)

Misery In Chaos Co-authored with A.J. Cain, we present the story of Charlie who is battling his own demons, literally. (published 6/17/2018)

Follow the Leader A parade of people walking down the street at night. What could it all mean? (published 7/1/2018)

There Once was, but Not Anymore Queens, courthouses, and a fantasy setting. What could possibly go wrong? (published 7/13/2018)

Times Up An ancient horror and a mysterious man meet for the first time. (published 8/5/2018)

It Lurks in the Alley Pete is in over his head as he pursues a monster in an alley. (published 8/10/2018)

Choices of the Dead No one knows what happens when you die, but you still have to make a choice (published 8/17/2018)

Addicted It is always a rush until you witness something that cannot be unseen. (published 9/2/2018)

The Deadly Goliath Frog Plague An epic drabble/poem co-authored with Idealize. (published 9/23/2018)

Stepford Bliss Set in the 1950s, a housewife does anything she can to keep her husband happy and her home in the suburbs…even murder. (published 9/29/2018)

Webs of Trouble It all started with a trip to the doctor’s office it ended in a surprise. (published 10/7/2018)

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight An occultist and his apprentice attempt to access a far-off dimension. (published 10/12/2018)

4 Leaf Horror A leprechaun and a wish, what could go wrong? (published 11/4/2018)

He Had A Lot to Say A battlefield eulogy for a fallen comrade. (published 11/9/2018)

War A short story about time spent deployed. (published 12/16/2018)

2019 Archive

Sometimes It Doesn’t End Like You Want It To The Rasputin ventures into unknown space to conduct an illegal experiment. (published 1/4/2019)

Ice Station Bravo A special podcast from the Grey Rooms. Sergeant Redding fights for his life and the lives of his squad while trapped on an Arctic research station. (to be published 2/8/2019)

Narcissistic Cannibal A diseased mind struggles to regain sanity. (to be published TBD)

The Death of Dave Harbour Our hero David is chased by a frosty terror. (to be published TBD)

The Hunter Grimm An epic poem from the Book of the Eternally Damned. (to be published TBD)

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