Twitter Vignette: Of Vampyres and Werewolves

I enjoy a writing challenge. The daily prompts of the Twitter micro-communities stimulate my muse, but occasionally I have the urge to push beyond my comfort zone. I thought it would be enough to combine writing prompts, and it worked for a time. Then I took a road trip and listened to several radio opera... Continue Reading →

Life Gets Busy: An Open Letter to Whom It May Concern

Greetings To All, Let me first start off by saying thank you to everyone who supports/reads/comments on any of my work. I have been caught trying to play catchup with all my writing projects. I am beyond blessed at some of the opportunities that have come my way. Secondly, I apologize¬†for not putting out regular... Continue Reading →


The absolute best thing about a writing community is the support you get from other writers. You quickly realize that you are not the only one struggling to write anything. Writer's block happens to everyone, grammar errors are common, chaos ensues when your desert raiders accidentally become dessert raiders and the local FroYo will never... Continue Reading →

Labors of Love and Necessary Life

(Picture Credit HERE) Authors Note: Every author has a labor of love that gets trashed over and over again. It's like witnessing a horrible accident and being unable to do anything about it. The story that follows is my abused child. It has been rejected over 7 times, but I still have faith in it.... Continue Reading →

Warning, Movie Spoilers Ahead!!!

Most things in my life begin with a simple discussion. This particular day it was focused on horror movies. Not just any random horror movies, but ones where the villains win in the end. It was a challenge at first. Some franchises build their entire lore on the bad guy never knowing defeat, I'm looking... Continue Reading →

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