Twitter Vignette: Paradox

March was my first venture into creating a serial vignette story on Twitter. I enjoyed the challenge of it so much that I decided to write one more for April. The result was a sometimes wacky, sometimes serious science fiction piece titled Paradox.

The story follows the adventures of Captian Franklin Hal and Commander Sevranta Yas. A deadly threat to the universe, the cosmic criminal Kd’Tang, has activated the Galatic Countdown and it threatens the existence of everything.

I had fun writing this story and may eventually turn this into a larger, more detailed work at some point. Until then, catch up on the whole story here. A special thank you to @VicenteLRuiz ( for the April prompts, encouraging words, and inspiration to keep writing every day.

Interesting Statistics: 777 collective Likes / 76 collective Re-Tweets

Thank you to everyone for your time and support as I work towards building bigger and better works of fiction. Be sure to bookmark my PUBLISHED WORKS page that is updated with every new story.

Good luck and happy writing!

Arthur Unk


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