Twitter Vignette: Of Vampyres and Werewolves

I enjoy a writing challenge. The daily prompts of the Twitter micro-communities stimulate my muse, but occasionally I have the urge to push beyond my comfort zone. I thought it would be enough to combine writing prompts, and it worked for a time. Then I took a road trip and listened to several radio opera stories. I forgot how awesome these serial stories were. I was entertained for hours and inspired. I used the Twitter #vss365 daily writing prompt as my daily foundation and steeled myself to write and wrote a vignette of my own. So humble readers I present to you, in its entirety, the March 2018 #vss365 serial story Of Vampyres and Werewolves.

Authors Note: Where the story started was not where I expected it to end up. I had no knowledge of the prompt words beforehand and that was challenge #1, challenge #2 was crafting a cohesive story, challenge #3 was posting every day. In the end, I was unable to take the plot to a satisfying conclusion. I actually only got to tell just under half the story. I will revisit this story in the future, but it was a wonderful experiment and writing exercise.

Fun Statistical Fact: 67 collective re-tweets and 778 collective likes

Have a great day and happy writing!


Arthur Unk

Of Vampyres and Werewolves



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