Arthur Unk On Writing Part 2: #Hashtag

One of the best ways I keep my muse fresh is by participating in word prompt games on Twitter. It's a fun activity that brings enjoyment to my writing life and helps keep me connected to the writing community. The basic concept of all the prompts is this: a host picks a word, phrase, or... Continue Reading →

Arthur Unk On Writing: Part 1

I decided in December of 2017 to take being a writer seriously. The town I live in offers very little in the way of writing help. I turned to the internet for answers. By January 2018 I set up a website, started an author account on Twitter, participated in a few online writing contests, and... Continue Reading →


It was unbearably hot underneath the 30 plus pounds of equipment carried.  I left the sweet air of America and became chained in a foreign place that smelled like my local garbage dump.  Of course, saying this place smelled like a garbage dump was an insult to garbage dumps.  This part of the country was... Continue Reading →

Twilight Zone The Movie Review

(Picture credit HERE) Before I begin this week, my heart goes out to the family of Vinnie Paul (drummer for Pantera and Hellyeah). I pray that he has found peace and reunion with his brother. Too many of my musical heroes have been passing away. Movie review time! Captain Spoiler says, "Thar be spoilers ahead!... Continue Reading →

Rejected Drabbles

It all starts with your best foot forward. You write a well-crafted story, at least you think it's well crafted, and send it off into the world for approval. It's not about a paycheck at this point, it's about validation. You repeat your mantra over and over, "I can write, and someone wants to read... Continue Reading →

A Short Story

Lately, I've been writing mostly from prompts. I take a word or phrase and spin it into a tale of my choosing. One of the bravest and scariest things in the world that a writer does is share their words with everyone. We, for no good reason, pour out our heart and soul directly in... Continue Reading →

How Do You Do It?

The most common question I am asked is, "How do you do it?" in reference to writing every day and living a semi-normal life. Like most of you, I hold a full-time job and have a family; throw into the mix I'm still in the Army Reserves (16 and a half years down 3 and... Continue Reading →

A Life Well Lived

My grandfather is dying, and there is nothing I can do about it. Sounds like the opening for a sad story filled with flashbacks, tears, and at the very least stimulating conversations. Unfortunately, this is not a fictional story it is my life. I have been on this planet for 38 years, and there has... Continue Reading →

Twitter Vignette: Paradox

March was my first venture into creating a serial vignette story on Twitter. I enjoyed the challenge of it so much that I decided to write one more for April. The result was a sometimes wacky, sometimes serious science fiction piece titled Paradox. The story follows the adventures of Captian Franklin Hal and Commander Sevranta... Continue Reading →

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